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At Tree Removal Winnipeg Inc., our team provides a diverse catalogue of tree species from local Manitoba nurseries. We are passionate about providing you with a means to enhance your land in a way that complements the native environment and works with your budget. We send experienced professionals certified by the International Society of Arboriculture directly to your home or business to cater to your individual needs.

Arborists in Winnipeg

When you come to Tree Removal Winnipeg Inc. for your Winnipeg tree planting needs, you help make a more beautiful tomorrow.

The uptick in new homes in Winnipeg makes it more important than ever to help maintain our city’s natural beauty. Planting a tree not only enhances the look of your property but your community.

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How a New Tree Can Benefit You

Our trees do more than just look pretty. Planting more trees provides habitats for birds and other local wildlife and provides you with better air quality by absorbing air pollutants and producing oxygen.

A new tree can also act as a stabilizing element in your environment. Placing a tree so that it provides you with shade will reduce glare and cool the area without the need for air conditioning. Conversely, trees can act as a windbreak to protect you from wind chill on a cold day. 

The ability of a well-maintained tree to add value to your property and lessen the need to build facilities for controlling stormwater makes planting trees in Winnipeg an economic investment as well.

Experienced Professionals Make Planting Easy

Our professional team will make sure that your tree will make it to its new home safely. Trees are delicate organisms during transplanting. We ensure the utmost care in planting your tree as well as in providing detailed aftercare instructions.

Plants such as trees can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to establish in a new home, and the process is even longer if they aren’t planted properly. The certified arborist we send to your property will identify any potential issues with the planting site and work with you to overcome any planting stress that could inhibit your new tree’s growth.

We also provide services such as transporting the tree to your location and aerating the soil to support root growth with specialized equipment.

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What Tree Suits Me?

Each species of tree has unique characteristics that change with the seasons. When selecting a tree, consider the:

  • Flowers
  • Seeds, fruits, or nuts
  • Leaf colour and shape
  • Branch form
  • Bark colour and texture
  • Preferred growing conditions

The size of a tree’s environment is also an important consideration when looking to plant a new tree. Your surroundings are essential in deciding which tree belongs there, including available space away from walkways and driveways as well as free from underground utilities such as wires or gas lines.

To help you decide the best type of tree for your needs, we send out our certified arborists to help you personally. They will work with you to choose one of the many species we have available from local Winnipeg tree nurseries.

Our Working Process


Initial Discovery Call

Once you contact us, we’ll do a quick dicovery call to understand what kind of services you are looking for and best course of action.



Based on a problem and potential solutions, our team will be able to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.


On-site Visit

If everything in the estimate looks good to you then we’ll send our arborist to your location to verify the issue and chosen solution.


Tree Removal

Once everything is finalized, our crew of professional tree experts will stop by on an agreed upon date and remove the problematic tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different species of trees have different needs. When planting any tree, you should consider locations based on their soil, sunlight availability, and the presence of nearby trees or other structures. Soil conditions are especially important when planting trees in Winnipeg and can include:

  • Soil depth
  • Compaction
  • Drainage
  • Fertility

You should also consider where the tree would best serve its intended purposes, whether it is acting as a windbreak barrier, providing you with fruit, or is just there to look nice. 

Before planting your tree, our arborist will meet with you to assess the planting site and work with you to choose a location and tree species that you can enjoy for decades to come.

To help establish your tree in its new environment, it will need proper watering, fertilization, and pruning. A tree typically requires watering a couple of times a week, depending on the weather, so that the soil does not dry out completely, but this may vary by the species.

Depending on your local environment, you may also need to provide your new tree with protection from its surroundings. You can use temporary fences to keep out bigger threats such as deer and lawn care equipment.  Preventative control measures are also effective in keeping away insects and disease.

When you choose us for tree planting services, we provide detailed aftercare instructions from our professional arborists. You can get help with any other problems with your new tree by booking a consultation to determine if it’s experiencing planting stress or suffering as a result of other environmental factors. 

Once the problem is identified, we can offer you a variety of maintenance and care services such as fertilization, branch support, and preventative disease control.

If you need a tree—or trees—planted in Winnipeg, contact us today. Our certified arborists will help you find the tree of your dreams.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“They did it all for us. Pruned 1 tree, removed a stump, and cleaned up everything afterwards. I used other guys in the past and they left a giant mess. Anytime someone asks me for a referral, I'm recommending Tree Menders.”

Maria Brown

Winnipeg, Local Resident

The before and after different is astounding. Who knew removing a tree could make the world of difference on how your lawn looks. Tree Removal Winnipeg were great.
John Stamp
Winnipeg Resident
Tree Removal Winnipeg were able to handle all of our commercial tree removal needs. These guys know their stuff. Support your local small business.
Alicia Reed
Winnipeg Business Owner
I tried to remove a tree myself. Lets just say hiring these guys was the right call. Tree Removal Winnipeg company was great. Don't make the same mistake I did. Get a tree removed by a professional.
Jason Walker
Winnipeg Local
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