Tree Cutting

If you need tree cutting services in Winnipeg, you can count on our team at Tree Removal Winnipeg Inc. Our friendly and experienced arborists are dedicated to enhancing Winnipeg’s natural beauty by keeping local trees as healthy as possible—that means regular pruning and proper care. Our services are available for trees on both commercial and residential properties.

High Professional Standards

Pruning or removing trees, especially larger species, can be dangerous work. That’s why we only send experienced, well-equipped, and certified arborists to ensure that your trees are taken care of safely and effectively.

Our team is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Each arborist has proven comprehensive knowledge of tree care as well as of the latest techniques and technologies used to maximize lush, green growth. Couple that with our years of experience in Winnipeg tree care, and it’s not hard to see why we’re among Manitoba’s top tree cutting services.

We’re also happy to offer advice on how to care for your trees outside of the pruning process. We love trees, and we’re passionate about helping them thrive.

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Residential Tree Cutting

Our goal at Tree Removal Winnipeg Inc. is to help you maintain your tree’s natural appearance while removing any hazards or damaged limbs. Removing dead or dying areas helps to promote the tree’s growth and prevent diseases and pest infestations.

We can help you shape your tree to better suit your needs. For instance, removing lower limbs can give you more space, while thinning out foliage allows more sunlight and wind filter through. Tree trimming can also train a tree to grow dense and bushy, providing a natural privacy screen.

Regular maintenance and care will make your tree safer, too. Damaged or heavy branches can crack or fall and damage your property or the people on it. Trees may also grow too close to power lines or the foundation of your home or business.

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Expert Tree Cutting

We do our best to save trees if we can, but there are a few situations where removal or relocation may be a better option, such as if the tree is:

  • Diseased or dying
  • Damaged from wind, lightning strikes, or flooding
  • Cracking along the trunk
  • Growing into an unsafe area

As a leading local Winnipeg tree cutting company, our experts can help you decide whether removal or alternative treatment is the best choice for you and help you schedule those services at your convenience.

At Tree Removal Winnipeg Inc., we also provide stump removal services using commercial-grade equipment. You can choose between extracting the full core along with all visible root flares or grinding it down. Both options help guarantee the elimination of any tripping hazards or remnants of deadwood.

Our Working Process


Initial Discovery Call

Once you contact us, we’ll do a quick dicovery call to understand what kind of services you are looking for and best course of action.



Based on a problem and potential solutions, our team will be able to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.


On-site Visit

If everything in the estimate looks good to you then we’ll send our arborist to your location to verify the issue and chosen solution.


Tree Removal

Once everything is finalized, our crew of professional tree experts will stop by on an agreed upon date and remove the problematic tree.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“They did it all for us. Pruned 1 tree, removed a stump, and cleaned up everything afterwards. I used other guys in the past and they left a giant mess. Anytime someone asks me for a referral, I'm recommending Tree Menders.”

Maria Brown

Winnipeg, Local Resident

The before and after different is astounding. Who knew removing a tree could make the world of difference on how your lawn looks. Tree Removal Winnipeg were great.
John Stamp
Winnipeg Resident
Tree Removal Winnipeg were able to handle all of our commercial tree removal needs. These guys know their stuff. Support your local small business.
Alicia Reed
Winnipeg Business Owner
I tried to remove a tree myself. Lets just say hiring these guys was the right call. Tree Removal Winnipeg company was great. Don't make the same mistake I did. Get a tree removed by a professional.
Jason Walker
Winnipeg Local
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